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Ask the Celebration – March 7, 2007 Edition

QuestionWho was the last mare to win the “big stake” and who owned her?

Brandi Smith; Jamestown, TN

Answer – White Star in 1954.  She was ridden by Percy Moss and was owned by Dr. W.V Garnier of Louisiana.

Question Can I show a crossbred SSH/TWH at The Celebrationsm ?

Brooke Combs; Shelbyville, TN

Answer – A horse must be properly registered with the TWHBEA in Lewisburg in order to compete at The Celebrationsm .  Many animals are double- or triple-registered with other registries, such as SSHBEA or Racking.  Dual registry does not affect the right to show.

Question – How old do you have to be to show at The Celebrationsm ?

Brooke Combs; Shelbyville, TN

Answer – Lead line entries have no minimum age and can be as old as 6 years of age.  In order to show in a halter or saddle class, you exhibitors must be at least 6 years of age.

Question – Do you have a list of hotels available for The Celebrationsm  or know whom to contact?

Teresa Hank; Wapello, IA

Answer – The Shelbyville-Bedford County Chamber of Commerce has a listing of local hotels on their website (http://www.shelbyvilletn.com/).   Chip Walters, our Director of Public & Media Relations has a more comprehensive list that also includes hotels in the surrounding counties.  He can be reached at cwalters@twhnc.com.

Question – How can I get a list of 2007 judges?

Rhonda; London, KY

Answer – A list of approved judges is available on the National Horse Show Commission’s website (http://www.nationalhorseshowcommission.org/).

Question – I am looking for pictures that may be on file of the 1966 Celebration.  I was the trainer and showed Shaker’s Shocker.  I know pictures were taken but mine were destroyed and I am interested in finding a copy.  Please let me know if any are on file since I have been unable to find any on the internet searches.

Frank Mills, II; Southington, OH

Answer – All of our records show that Shaker’s Shocker was trained, ridden, and owned by Betty Sain.  Might you be thinking of another horse?

Question – I’m interested in the Miss TWHNCsm  Pageant.  What information can you give me?

Ashley Pritchett; Henderson, KY

Answer – The pageant is sponsored by the Shelbyville Jaycees.  I would suggest you contact Tiffany Stephens for more information.  Her number is 931-685-4106.

Question – I would like to order videos of The Celebrationsm .  Who do I need to call to order them?

Connie; Tazewell, VA

Answer – WdA International is the official video provider for The Celebrationsm .  Their website has ordering information (www.wdavideo.com).

Question – Do you feature draft horses, such as Suffolk, Percheron, Clydesdale, or Shire?

Norman Antsey; Johannesburg, South Africa

Answer – Our world championship horse show features only registered Tennessee Walking Horses.  There are many other draft shows throughout the Midwest and Northeastern United States.

Question – Where can I see a list of the runners-up, etc.?

Michel; Vicksburg, MS

Answer – The Celebrationsm  has a CD-ROM for sale that has all the results from 1939 up through 1996.  The Walking Horse Report website (www.walkinghorsereport.com) has a searchable database from 1997 until now.

Question – How many horses were sent home? How bad were the sores? Out of all the walking horses that were sent home what riders were sent home? Was Jimmy McConnell sent home?

Samantha Darnell; Water Valley, KY

Answer – The National Horse Show Commission conducted the inspections at the 2006 Celebration.  I would refer you to them with your questions (http://www.nationalhorseshowcommission.org/).

Question – Is there a list of fined or sanctioned individuals failing the DQP inspections in Alabama and Tennessee.  If so, how would I contact the agency?

Ernest L. Mollohan; Tuscumbia, AL

Answer – Again, the National Horse Show commission administers the DQP’s at a very large percentage of shows in Tennessee and Alabama.  I would suggest you contact them directly for that information (http://www.nationalhorseshowcommission.org/).

Question – What are the chances of getting the Get of Sire class added back at The Celebrationsm?  Would a number of stallion owners pledging to enter the class help to secure the return of the class?

Brian; Columbia, TN

Answer – The pledge is not the issue…it is the number that actually show.  Many years ago we tried to reinstate this class and had nine entries that pledged to “be there.”  Two entries showed.  The Get of Sire is a fun and very popular class.  However, the workload involved in preparing so many animals is apparently more than most exhibitors are willing to take on.

Question – Since there were a lot of issues at the 2006 Celebration, will there still be a 2007 Celebration?

Leighann Hensley; Jamestown, TN

Answer – The 69th Annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebrationsm  is planned and on the books for August 22-September 1.  We remain optimistic that the issues will be resolved to protect the show horse in the ring.

Question – Does Bill Bilbrey still attend the shows?

Leighann Hensley; Jamestown, TN

Answer – Yes…he was at the 2006 Celebration.

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Ask the Celebration – October 31, 2006 Edition

Question What was the name of the vender at this year's trade fair that was selling the wine, “Roan Allen Red"?  Would like to contact them.  Thanks!

Becky Carter; Saltillo, TN

Answer – Bean’s Creek Winery of Manchester sold the Roan Allen Red.  It was their second year to sell it and it has become very popular in a short amount of time.  They are located at 426 Ragsdale Road in Manchester, Tenn.  Their phone number is 931-723-2294.

Question Would it be possible to either make Celebration Drive one way (out of the grounds) after the show is over to help those parked in the two pay lots or to provide either Celebration employees or highway patrol to assist those parked in these lots to get out?  Also, if you plan to continue to park people behind the trailer parking on the final weekend could you please make sure to cut the grass and place some form of lighting in the area; it is very dangerous for those parked there to walk to and from their cars in the dark.

Ashley; Louisville, KY

Answer – Thank you for the very good suggestions!  These issues will be addressed by our Security and Maintenance personnel.

QuestionWhere can I find a list of World Grand Champion Tennessee Walking Horses from the past 20 years?

Karri Konze

Answer – The listing is available on this website at http://www.twhnc.com/gallery-worldchampions.htm

QuestionI was at the 2006 Celebration and really enjoyed myself.  I was just wondering if there would be some kind of compensation for the attendees since the 2006 World Grand Champion was not crowned.  I respect the decision made that if all can't show, none will.  However, some people drove thousands of miles to witness the most exciting part of the Celebration that did not occur.  Also, the expense once in Shelbyville is great....hotels, food, tickets, etc.  Even though this expense is expected and planned for, once again, one of the main reasons people travel such distances is to see the crowing of the World Grand Champion.  Your response would be greatly appreciated.  Thank You.

Marty; North Carolina

Answer – Many thanks for your question.  At this point, we do not make refunds for any disruption to the show that is beyond our control.  Your comments are very appropriate and we appreciate them.  It simply is not possible to make refunds to 26,000 people.  We will work even harder to ensure that this type problem doesn’t repeat itself.

QuestionI have a direct daughter out of Magic Fashion KW.  Where can I find information on this horse?

Pat Freeman; Barnett, MO

Answer – The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association can provide all of the pedigree information.  Their website is www.twhbea.com.

Question – How do I look up the number of entries in the classes during previous Celebrations?

Judy Gould; Dallas, TX

Answer – Each year’s Blue Ribbon Yearbook contains the results of the previous Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebrationsm .  This website also keeps the results online for one year.

Question – Have you considered adding a Grooms’ Class to The Celebrationsm ?

Danny W. Rymer; Mt. Orab, OH

Answer – We simply cannot accommodate all class suggestions.  Although we are extremely grateful to the grooms for their outstanding work, a class for them at The Celebrationsm  is not in the plans.  Possibly, we could consider this for the Spring Fun Show.

Question – I was told there is a banquet facility on the Celebration Grounds.  I’m interested in renting such a venue for a weeding reception in 2007.  Can you provide me some information?

Lenny Brown; Shelbyville, TN

Answer – The Blue Ribbon Circle and Hall of Fame clubs can be rented for these types of activities.  Contact Jimmy Burton at jburton@twhnc.com or 931-684-5915 ext. 151 for more information.

Question – Do you think the dates for The Celebrationsm  will ever change?  I think more people would attend if it were held during a cooler time of the year.

Joey Manos; Santa Rosa, CA

Answer – The dates probably will not change.  We have been here for 68 years.  Cooler days would be welcomed, but we would begin to conflict with other fall shows and school openings throughout the country.

Question – I need to design a floral drape for a local horse show. This drape must lie across the horse’s neck and hang down on both sides of its chest. I have no clue how to make this. All I know is that no flowers are to be on the part of the drape across the animal's neck. Help! I just need a visual to give me an idea of how to make this...if you can help me out I would really appreciate it!

L.G. Reis; Denver, CO

Answer – The Celebrationsm  uses floral horseshoes instead of drapes.  Florists in the Shelbyville area create those.  The American Quarter Horse Association and Arabians use drapes.  Their monthly magazines will normally have photographs of champion horses with floral drapes.  Showing some of those photos to a florist you trust would be a good start.

Question – How do you go about getting an amateur card?

Gwenn G Frederick; Chatsworth, GA

Answer – The Walking Horse Owners’ Association administers the Amateur Card program.  They can be contacted at 615-494-8822.  The application form can be found at http://www.walkinghorseowners.com/forms.htm

Question – I’m looking for a breeder (in Virginia) of Tennessee Walking Horses.  Can you suggest any?  I love the smoothness of the gait.

Stephenie Self; Water View, VA

Answer – Your best bet would be through the TWHBEA (931-359-1574) or the Walking Horse Trainers’ Association (931-684-5866).

Question – I’ve been trying to find the article on the golden Palomino from California that (I believe) showed at The Celebrationsm  around 1997.

Kay Stevens; Bates City, MO

Answer – Not knowing which publication you’re speaking of, I would suggest you check back issues of The Walking Horse Report or Voice Magazine.

Question – Is there any way to purchase tickets via the internet or close to Crossville, TN?

Angela Whaley; Grandview, TN

Answer – The Celebrationsm  does not currently have internet ticketing.  However, tickets can be purchased by phone and charged to your credit card.  The number is 931-684-5915.

Question – I was wondering what are the shoe requirements for the Plantation Pleasure Lite Shod classes?

Heather Johnston; Somerville, TN

Answer – The National Horse Show Commission Rule Book has all the requirements.  You can get a copy by calling their office at 931-684-9506.

Question – Is there a hotel on the grounds?

Connie Shrader; Bandy, VA

Answer – There is not a hotel on the grounds proper.  There are several in very close proximity.  The Shelbyville-Bedford County Chamber of Commerce website keeps an updated list (http://www.shelbyvilletn.com/).

Question – I have just started training a 10-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse to ride western.  I want to know how to train that horse to neck reign.

Katelyn May; Jonesboro, GA

Answer – The Walking Horse Trainers’ Association could put you in touch with one of their member trainers in your area to ask specific questions.  Also, the TWHBEA (www.twhbea.com) has some good videos on the subject, as does World Champion Horse Equipment (www.ehorseequipment.com).

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Ask the Celebration – June 6, 2006 Edition

Question – I have been searching the internet everywhere and can not find Billy Nipper art work!! I am trying to find out if she has a print of Ultra Copy. Could someone please advise or point me in the right direction? Thank you!

Kim Jordan; Concord, NC

Answer – Ms. Nipper will have a booth at the Celebration. She has a website:       www.richlin.net/nipperart

Question –My interest is new to Tennessee Walking Horses. I want to attend the Celebration for 2-3 days. Which nights are the best for me? Thank You.

Nena Cross; Brandon, MS

Answer – I would suggest the final three nights of the show. You’ll see the very best of the best, including the crowning of the World Grand Champion Tennessee Walking Horse.

Question – When do you wear the flat top hat and the derby hat for walking/racking horse show?

Mary Jo Evans; Elizabettown, KY

Answer –I would suggest you to check out the NHSC rulebook for the basic attire requirements. There will be even more detail in the equitation section.

Question – I have a friend that works at a barn and is getting a trainer’s license. I own, train, and show my own horses. However, I am new to the larger shows. Is this something I should have? If so, may I acquire one? Thank you.

Lorie; Seymour, TN

Answer – Contact the Walking Horse Trainers’ Association at 931-684-5866 for all the information you’ll need.

Question – How do you get your Tennessee Walker to stand and pick up their feet like they do in the shows?

Kita; Claypool, IN

Answer – There are books and videos that detail the proper training techniques of the Tennessee Walking Horse. Again, the WHTA may be a good source of information for you….as will as the TWHBEA.

Question – Does Doug Wolaver still have Walking Horses and does he still come to the shows?

Stacy Wolaver; Lyons, GA

Answer – At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the WHTA office may be able to tell you if he is still training. According to the box seat list in last year’s Lions Club Program, Mr. Wolaver still has a box listed in his name.

Question – I really enjoy the Celebration and have not missed many in the past 18 years. I am currently on the list for a campsite. I have been on the campgrounds a time or two and I don’t remember seeing any clothes washer and dryers. I think for people who will be staying in the campgrounds for the duration of the Celebration, it would be a great convenience. I know there would be some expense in adding a few coin-operated washers and dryers, but I feel it would be appreciated by the campers. Thanks for taking this into consideration.

Heather Ball; Paint Lick, KY

Answer – We will review this constructive suggestion as we make plans to improve the RV area. Good thought.

Question – I would like to set up a booth as a vendor. Please tell me how to do this. No one responded to me last year.

Nina Margetson; Knoxville, TN

Answer – Contact Jimmy Burton at jburton@twhnc.com

Question – Do you have video clips of past Celebration winners that can be viewed  over the internet?

Henry Bell; Sacramento, CA

Answer – Not over the internet…yet. WDA International sells a highlight video of each year’s show. His website is www.wdavideo.com

Question – Who is the youngest rider to win World Grand Champion?

Stacy Wolaver; Lyons, GA

Answer – Chad Way was only 22 years old when he rode The Touch to the World Grand Championship in 1993.

Question – Could you add keyhole, cloverleaf barrel and pole bending races to the NMDA list of classes at The Great Celebration Mule & Donkey Show?

Kathy Schmitt; Bryan, TX

Answer – Thank you for your suggestions for the Great Celebration Mule and Donkey Show. We will consider your request for our 2007 show during our planning sessions this winter.

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Ask the Celebration – April 6, 2006 Edition

Question – The first love of my life is and always will be horses..Tennessee Walking Horses more than any. Do you sell any type of CD or video of the full length of The Celebration show?  If so, where can I purchase it?

Lori Lewand; Kingston, TN

Answer – WdA International sells a highlight tape/DVD of each Celebration dating back to the mid-1980’s.  You can contact them through their website at wdavideo.com.

Question – I understand there is a horse sale during The Celebration in Shelbyville. Where and when is this? Is there a sale specifically for the well-bred weanlings and yearlings? Thanks.

Betty Smith; Julian, NC

Answer – There are several sales that take place during The Celebration.  Wiser Farm Sales (www.wiserfarmsales.com) has been designated as the “Official Sale Company of The Celebration.”  Sand Creek Sales and Sale of Showring Champions also take place in Shelbyville.  I encourage you to contact each of the sale companies for catalogs and sale schedules. 

Question – I am interested in information on how I can enter a horse in The Celebration.

Dustin Cooper; Bristol, TN

Answer –The Celebration premium booklet will give you specific information about entering your horse and the entry deadline.  Contact our entry office (mlreed@twhnc.com) to get on our mailing list.

Question – When will the retirement ceremony for Main Power take place?

Annie; Seabrook, TX

Answer – First of all, The Celebration has not yet been officially informed that Main Power will retire from showring competition.  If a retirement ceremony does take place, it will happen on either the first Saturday night or final Friday night of the show.

Question – Where can I find the derby hats worn in the performance shows?  Where can I get this information?

Victoria Purvis; Mt. Sterling, KY

Answer – World Champion Horse Equipment, the official equipment provider for The Celebration, has a wonderful selection of hats, riding habits, and other attire.  You can shop with them online at www.ehorseequipment.com.

Question – How do you join the Hall of Fame Club?  We would love to be able to participate in the fun with the others.

Kelly Martin; Tallahassee, FL

Answer – I’m assuming you’re speaking of the Blue Ribbon Circle Club that’s open each night during The Celebration.  You can contact Connie Nixon (cnixon@twhnc.com) for membership information.  The Hall of Fame Club has memberships available for the Spring Fun Show only.  Ms. Nixon can provide you with that information as well.

Question – What is the date for the 2006 Futurity  Yearling colt class, Weanling filly class, and Weanling filly class?  What time of day do the futurity classes take place?  What are there class numbers?  Thanks!

Joe Anne Hissem; Salem, WV

Answer – The National Futurity will take place on Wednesday night, August 23rd.  It is a production of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association and is a wonderful showcase for the young horses in our breed.  That show takes place in Calsonic Arena.  As far as the other classes you asked about, the best way is to direct you to the schedule of classes for The Celebration.  It can be found at http://www.twhnc.com/classsched-celebration.htm.

Question – Do you have RV camping sites that would be close to the Wartrace Music Fest to be held in June 2006?

Neal Patterson; Galatia, IL

Answer – The RV Parks are normally open when there are events being held on The Celebration Grounds itself.  There are several privately-owned campgrounds in fairly close proximity.  Another option would be the wonderful campgrounds at Henry Horton State Park or those adjacent to Normandy Lake or Tim’s Ford Lake.

Question – After reading the 2006 class list, I was disappointed to see no 4 and under or 2 and 3 year old Trail Pleasure classes.  I know the schedule is very full, but this is a very popular division.  It would be nice to give it the same venue as liteshod and park pleasure.

Jana Anderson, DVM; Jefferson, OR

Answer – This issue will be addressed in great detail for the 2007 championship show.  Hopefully, changes at that time will be well-received by Trail Pleasure participants.

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Ask the Celebration – February 3, 2006 Edition 

Question – Box seat holders in the newly renovated section are being subjected to non-boxhoders coming to use these seats.  Many have been drinking in excess and are out of control.  How can The Celebration resolve this situation before this year’s show?

 Chris Proffitt; Newport, TN

Answer – This is our first notice of such a problem.  We will gladly monitor the situation and attempt to resolve these issues.  Please tell an usher when a problem such as this exists, and the usher will call Celebration Security if needed.

Question – How much would it cost to rent out a section of stalls for our farm during the Mule Show this year?  We have always gone to the show, but never shown.  Now we have our own gaited mule farm and would love to participate.  We will need 6-8 stalls.

Courtney Brown; Ripley, MS

Answer – Congratulations on your new gaited mules!  Stall rates for the Great Celebration Mule & Donkey Show are $70.00 plus tax per stall for the entire show.  Be sure your entries are in by the pre-entry deadline of June 5, 2006 to receive the best location possible.

Question – Are there certain classes or shows that we have to show in to qualify for The Celebration…and to show in the championship classes?

Connie Shrader; Bandy, VA

Answer – There is no qualifying necessary prior to The Celebration.  The Celebration premium booklet will give you specific information about championship class issues.  Contact our entry office (mlreed@twhnc.com) to get on our mailing list.

Question – Where would I need to go to find records of The Celebration in the early 1970’s?  I was there as a juvenile rider and all of my records burned in a house fire.

Vickey Browning; Harlan, KY

Answer – First of all, we are sorry to hear about your loss.  The Celebration has a CD-ROM for sale that has all of the class results from 1939-1997.  Also, Blue Ribbon Yearbooks have all the results from the previous year.  We have back issues for sale, as well.  There is a page to order these items on this website (http://www.twhnc.com/purchase.htm).

Question – I am interested in getting information about sponsoring a class at the 2006 Celebration in Flip Cook’s name.  Where can I get this information?

Cheryl S. Newman; Dacula, GA

Answer – We have class trophy sponsorships available for $125 or a Challenge Trophy may be sponsored for a minimum fee of $500.  A Challenge Trophy must be won two times by the same owner for permanent possession.  Preliminary class sponsorships are also available for a $1,000 fee.  Contact Mary Lynn Reed (mlreed@twhnc.com) about the trophies or Jane Moore (jmoore@twhnc) about class sponsorships.

Question – I am interested in donating a memorial perpetual trophy for the Yearling or Weanling Word Grand Championship class at The Celebration.  How would I go about doing this?

Jennifer Cappuccio; Ontario, CA

Answer – At this time we do not accept perpetual trophies.  A memorial challenge trophy may be instated.  Information on how to do that is explained in the previous answer.  Thanks!

Question – Does Betty Sain attend The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration?

Lou Von Esh; Suwanee, GA

Answer – Not to our knowledge.  Unfortunately, Ms. Sain has not responded to any of our correspondence in almost 25 years.

Question – I have lost my program from this year’s show.  However, I’m trying to retrieve an article titled “The Mares that Laid the Golden Eggs.”  Any assistance in obtaining a copy of this article is greatly appreciated.

Allen Fleming; Joplin, MO

Answer – The article you are referring to was in the 2005 Blue Ribbon Yearbook…and was quite interesting.  You can purchase a replacement Blue Ribbon Yearbook by contacting our ticket office (creed@twhnc.com).

Question – Can a mare be in the World Grand Champion Tennessee Walking Horse class?  And…has a flat-shod horse or gelding ever won the big stake?

Natasha; Salem, MO

Answer – Mares, stallions, and geldings are all eligible for WGC honors.  Rarely do mares and geldings choose to compete with stallions, but they are eligible.  Talk of the Town was the last gelding to win and remains the only horse to capture the highest honor in our industry three times (1951, 52, 53).  Flat-shod horses have not won the big stake since the inception of pads.

Question – Regarding the 2006 class schedule, why not switch Class 60 (Youth Western Trail Pleasure) with Class 76 (Youth Western Trail Pleasure).  That will allow a person to show in both Class 60 and Class 61 on different horses.

Judy Moore; Shelbyville, TN

Answer – Thanks for the suggestion.  Take a look at the class schedule (http://www.twhnc.com/classsched-celebration.htm).  Several changes have been made since the original schedule was posted.

Question – The only two Park Pleasure WGC classes are “Owner-Amateur” and “Western.”  Why is there not a regular “Park Pleasure World Grand Championship” class?  Not all Park Pleasure horses show western and not all are shown by amateur riders.


Answer – The class you are speaking of has been added to the revised schedule and will be Class 161.

Question – Since the TWHBEA will not renew their contract with the National Horse Show Commission (NHSC), where will the judges and DQP’s come from?


Answer – The withdrawal of the TWHBEA did not eliminate the NHSC or its policies and procedures.  We (TWHNC) will operate as in 2005.

Question – Can you add a spotted class to the TWHNC in 2006?  If not, why?


 Answer – Spotted horses, if registered, are eligible to show at The Celebration.  Time constraints are the main reason we don’t have specific classes for these horses.

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September 30, 2005 Edition

Question – We are considering raising yearlings to sell at the Celebration Yearling Sales. We've heard that Oct. 1 was the beginning "foal date" for a foal to be considered a "yearling" for the Sales, is this date correct ? 

Jeff Walker; Dandridge, TN 

Answer – In the definition section of the NHSC Rulebook, it states:  “For horse show purposes, a horse shall be considered  to be one year old on the first day of January following the date of foaling.  Exception:  Foals born in October, November, and December are eligible for classes along with foals born the following year. 

Question – I am an Ordained Minister and Pastor in the Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee. I would love to receive an invitation to pray at one of the Celebration services. I have attended for years. I am 50 and pastor a church in Asheville, North Carolina. Thanks! 

Roger Lunsford; Asheville, NC 

Answer – We certainly appreciate your interest and are sure you would do a wonderful job.  However, The Celebration has a tradition of choosing pastors from Bedford County to provide the nightly invocation. 

Question – How much money was raised for the Red Cross to use for the victims of Katrina? 

Vicki Watlington; Maryville, TN 

Answer – We are happy to report that the generous individuals that came to the final night of The Celebration donated in excess of $18,000 to the Red Cross for use in disaster relief for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.  The Celebration was honored to give $1,000 in that effort. 

Question – How do we go about joining the walking horse league?  How much is the fee for membership? We have been coming to The Celebration since 1997 and we truly enjoy the show. 

Annie & Jimmy Vaughn; Hernando, MS 

Answer I think you are asking about becoming a member of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association.  You can find out about becoming a member at www.twhbea.com or call 1-931-359-1574. 

Question – We were victims of hurricane Katrina, and we have opened our home to extended family that lived in New Orleans. We had been planning to attend the show and had our tickets, reservations, etc., we were even going to try and come with everything still in a mess at our farm, but then there was no gas available here. I read on your tickets, no refund-no exchange, but I thought I would ask if maybe you would honor our tickets for next years show? Thank You. 

Diane & Ben Merrill; Magnolia Springs, AL 

Answer – First and foremost, our hearts go out to all victims of the terrible natural disasters experienced in the gulf coast area.  We would certainly like to work out something with you to make sure you’ll be able to come back to The Celebration in 2006.  Please contact Chip Walters, our Director of Public and Media Relations, to get the process moving.  He can be reached at cwalters@twhnc.com or 931-684-5915. 

Question – Are the ponies in the leadline class Tennessee Walking Horses? 

Kimberly Goodwin-Helton; Gresham, OR 

Answer – The leadline class is the one exception where the horse in the class does not have to be a registered Tennessee Walking Horse. 

Question – Help! Next year can you please have people to keep garbage cans emptied or more cans at the exits.  They where always over-running.  However, the bathrooms where a LOT cleaner this year.  Great job! 

Buddy; Denver, NC 

Answer – Thank you for your comments about the cleanliness of our bathrooms.  That was a point of emphasis for our staff this year.  Keeping the trash cans emptied is another.  We tried adding more cans near the exits.  One of the toughest problems we face on the final three nights is the sheer number of people under the grandstands make it impossible for a crew to come through and actually empty the cans.  This is very high on our priority list.  We will continue to study it and work on coming up with a solution to this. 

Question – I was wondering if the Celebration was going to be shown on any other network outside of TN.  I have been into Walking Horses myself since 1963. 

Charles Cheek; Liberty, NC 

Answer – We took a major step this year by providing Pay Per View Video Streaming for persons with internet connections.  We hope to be able to put together a fast-paced 1-2 hour program (for future shows) that will highlight all of our championship classes and feature the Tennessee Walking Horse World Grand Championship.  Until that time, we will continue to look at our options on which cable network would be the best fit and has the most interest. 

Question – Can we order videos of 2005 Celebration?  We couldn't come this year and didn't want to "miss out." 

Dee Robertson; Conyers, GA 

Answer – WdA International has videos of individual classes and, as always, will have a comprehensive highlight video that will be available for Christmas delivery.  For more information, please go to their website at www.wdavideo.com

Question – Is there a web site that shows a seating chart for the arena? 

Melinda Coats; Nashville, TN 

Answer – There are seating charts for Celebration Arena, Calsonic Arena, and Champions Arena.  There is also a map of the entire Celebration Grounds located under the “Purchase Tickets” button on our website.  Here is a direct link to that page:  http://www.twhnc.com/tickets.htm 

Question – I see classes for elite gentlemen and elite ladies that I had not seen in years past.  What does elite signify?


Jane Ashland; Villa Rica, GA 

Answer – The Elite Owner-Amateur Division is reserved for those riders who have reached their 50th birthday.  This has been a very competitive and exciting division featuring many of our most skilled owner-amateur riders as well as many of the top horses in the industry. 

Question – Can you list the organists that have entertained at The Celebration 

J. French Brantley; Knoxville, TN 

Answer – We have enjoyed Larry Bright at our evening performances for many years.  He was preceded by Earl Gregory.  Prior to Earl was local favorite Jimmy Richardson.  The only name I can come up with (by looking at old Blue Ribbon Yearbooks) is Leon Cole of Nashville.  He was at the keyboard for several years in the 1940’s.

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Ask the Celebration – June 10, 2005 Edition

Question – Will Park Performance classes be offered at The Celebration in 2005?

Debi Brock; Monticello, FL

Answer – Here is a list of new Park Performance classes that will be added:

Owner-Amateur Riders on Park Performance Walking Mares or Geldings
Owner-Amateur Riders on Park Performance walking Stallions
Park Performance Walking Horses, Four Years and Under
Park Performance Walking Horses, Five Years and Over

In addition to the new Park Performance classes, adult Owner-Amateur riders will now have an opportunity to show Walking Ponies at The Celebration.  Walking Pony classes for youth exhibitors has been a Celebration staple, but there has been a rising interest in adults showing ponies.

“Suggestions have been made to the Celebration for the last couple of years to add these classes,” said Entry Office Manager Mary Lynn Reed.  “This division has gotten stronger throughout the industry and we are proud to give them the opportunity to show in the biggest show in the industry.”

A full schedule of Celebration classes can be found on this website.

Question – If you are showing a padded horse is it a rule that you have to wear English attire or can you show Western?

Teresa Stueve; Laurel, MS

Answer – The attire is determined by the class in which you are participating and not the manner in which the horse is shod.  The description of the class will guide you to the appropriate rule in the NHSC rulebook that discusses attire.

QuestionWe are planning on attending the Celebration in 2006.  Would it be possible to get a 2005 class list with specifications for each class?  We have never shown at the Celebration and have only seen it through the magazine.

Jeff Urquhart; Gimanton Iron Works, NH

Paul C. Payton; Portsmouth, OH

Answer – If you have not been contacted already, please contact Mary Lynn Reed in our entry office (mlreed@twhnc.com) with your name and mailing address to get on our mailing list for entry information.

QuestionWould you happen to know the names of some hotels around there so I can go ahead and reserve a room for this year’s Celebration?

Kasey; Millington, TN

Answer We have an up-to-date list of area hotels that can be sent via email.  I have taken the liberty to send you one already.  Best of luck in finding accommodations.  Anyone else that would like the list should email our Director of Public and Media Relations, Chip Walters (cwalters@twhnc.com).

QuestionCould The Celebration put the youth classes on the weekend because some kids cant make it down there during the week? 

Morgan Nichols; North Carolina

Answer – We try to schedule as many youth classes as possible on the weekend.  There are times that it is just not possible to include all of them over a weekend.  We will continue to try and honor this request.

Question – I would like to purchase tickets to the show, but I'm not sure who my check should be made out to…The Celebration or TWHBEA? Please let me know. Thanks.

LouAnn Murphy; Bellingham, MA

Answer – The Celebration and TWHBEA are separate entities.  Please make all checks for tickets and/or entries to The Celebration.

Question – I noticed when I was at the Andalusia horse show this year they had very large ceiling fans in their arena. Has this option been considered for the Calsonic arena?

Bob Garber; Huntsville, AL

Answer – We have tried to consider every possible option of moving air in Calsonic Arena.  We currently have 16 roof fans that help circulate air.  We always monitor this issue and search for ways to improve this situation.

Question – I would like to purchase videotapes of the TWHBEA Clinics offered during the Celebration.  Great topics, top presenters -- I bet lots of TWH enthusiasts who can't attend the Celebration would like to have tapes of the clinics! Have you ever considered this?

Kristin McGregor; Thomasville, GA

Answer – We asked the TWHBEA to answer your question.  Here is their response:

We appreciate your interest in the TWHBEA's Annual Celebration Clinics.  TWHBEA has had a number of requests over the years to video these clinics and offer tapes to those unable to attend. While as reasonable as that sounds in theory, it is much more difficult to accomplish in reality. Because of the size and scope of Champions Arena, it would take multiple camera angles and specialized lighting to produce a quality video. TWHBEA has consulted with a video company and was told that from a logistical standpoint, taping the clinics would prove cost-prohibitive.

Question – Running W Designs (Cyndie Rush) took part in the Celebration Trade Fair.  Have you heard whether she will participate again in 2005?  Do you happen to have contact information for her?  I placed an order with her at the 2004 Trade Fair and never received my order.  Attempts to contact her over the past several months have failed. I was hoping maybe the Celebration could lend some assistance.  Thank you.

Kristin Herman; Los Angeles, CA

Answer – Your question was forwarded to Jimmy Burton, Marketing Manager of Calsonic Arena.  He handles all the vendors at The Celebration Trade Fair.  You should have gotten a personal response from him on this matter.

Question – Could you please send a list of Walking Horse State Championships? My father and I have been going to The Celebration for two years now and love it, and would like to find other shows leading up to the Celebration to attend.

Tyler Baggett; Clarksville, TN

Answer – The best source for a current calendar, or schedule, of shows is The Walking Horse Report, the official publication of The Celebration.  Their website has a current list of shows at www.walkinghorsereport.com.  You can sign up for a free membership to get all the information on upcoming shows and results of shows throughout the country.

Question – I was wondering if there have been any vendors in years past offering real life paintings of the horses?  If there is any information regarding this issue please let me know.  Thank you.

Desiree D. Burt; Philadelphia, PA

Answer – The one that I am familiar with is Mrs. Billie Nipper.  I assume that is the type artwork you are referring to.  Ms. Nipper has a web site that is: http://www.richlin.net/nipperart/
Her telephone number is (423) 476 - 4831.

Question – I am looking for guidelines for showing a Tennessee Walking Horse.  My daughter is in 4-H and shows a Tennessee Walker.  This horse is trained to be ridden open-reigned.  The 4-H rules state that all horses over the age of 5 must be neck-reigned unless breed appropriate.  They tell me if I can show proof that a Tennessee Walker is shown open-reigned she can show that way otherwise she has to train this horse to neck-reign.  Can you tell me where I can get this information?  Thanks for any help you can give me?

Cecil Miller; Batesville, IN

Answer – You should probably contact the National Horse Show Commission (931.684.9506) for an official rulebook or the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association (1.800.359.1574).  They will have many helpful publications and videos for you.

Question – I would like to know if you have any back issues of the Blue Ribbon Yearbook. Please list the ones you have along with your address so I can send you a money order. Thank you.

Eddie Johnson; Shelbyville, TN

Answer – We have issues from the following years:  '66-'67; '72-'74; '78-'04.  The cost is $12.00 per book plus tax & shipping.  You can contact Ticket Office Manager Carolyn Reed (creed@twhnc.com) about the exact cost.  Issues older than that have turned up at estate sales and can be found fairly often on Ebay.

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Ask the Celebration – April 11, 2005 Edition

Question – When is The Celebration and how is it judged?

Jessica; Fuquay-Varina, NC

Answer – The Celebration begins on August 24 and runs through September 3.  It always ends on the Saturday night prior to Labor Day.  The Celebration is judged by a panel of five judges.  Their selections are scored on an Olympic-style system where the high and low are thrown out.

Question – What year was Shaker’s Shocker named the World Grand Champion?

Randy Stewart

Answer – Shaker’s Shocker captured the title in 1966 with Betty Sain aboard.  Ms. Sain was the first of three females that have ridden to the World Grand Championship.  A listing of all the World Grand Champions is on this site.

Question – Is there a particular style and/or color of English saddle that is required to show at the Celebration? If so what the requirements?

Jeff; Birmingham, AL

Answer – The NHSC rulebook is not specific on color and/or style, as long as it is an English saddle.

Question – How do I get a complete list of all the World Grand Champions?

Gary Sallee; White Mills, KY

Answer It is available in many sources, including the Blue Ribbon Yearbook and this website.  Here is that address:  http://www.twhnc.com/gallery-worldchampions.htm

Question – If a horse and/or person has won a halter class at the Celebration, does this affect their novice status as a rider?  Is this horse (and handler) still eligible as a novice in an under saddle class?

Karla Massey; Oxford, MS

Answer – Horses and people are eligible for The Celebration Novice Division so long as they have not won a Celebration blue ribbon in an under saddle class.  The only exception is if the person has won a blue ribbon in an Equitation class.

Question – I am interested in setting up a vender booth. Could you give me some information on this?

Nina Margetson; Knoxville, TN

Answer – Vendor boots are allowed at The Celebration Trade Fair.  All booth reservations can be made through Jimmy Burton (jburton@twhnc.com), Director of Arena Marketing.  His telephone number is 931-684-5915 ext. 151.

QuestionI just bought two Tennessee Walking Horses. I am new to all of this. Please send me all and everything about all the shows, celebrations, dates and things.

Mildred Yarborough; Savannah, GA

Answer – Congratulations on your purchase.  That’s quite a request.  If you’re planning on putting these horses in the showring, then you need to choose a good trainer.  There is a very good selection in your area.  A good spot for news about the show season can be found at www.walkinghorsereport.com as well as this website.  Information on the breed can be found at www.twhbea.com.  Tack, apparel, and other equipment can be found at www.ehorseequipment.com.

QuestionWe have a great 18-month-old RPM stud colt and would like to know who to talk to or the best way to sell a stud colt with the great breeding lines from both RPM (sire) and the dam?

Pete Forde; Melissa, TX

Answer – There are several outstanding sale companies that have sales throughout the year.  The official sale of The Celebration is Wiser Farm Sales.  You can get in touch with them about consigning your colt to one of their sales at 931-685-0493.  They have a great staff that will work hard to get the best price possible for your colt.

Question – Three questions: (1) Can you tell me a little about the Celebration's dog show?  Is it a traditional dog show, with categories for different types, breeds, etc., or something else entirely? (2) Are there any plans to honor horses that have won an unusual number of WC titles (Gen's Fire and Ice comes to mind)? (3) I know other breeds' WGC’s are showcased at the Celebration.  Which breeds participate and what is the schedule of their exhibitions?

Grace; Nicholasville, KY

Answer – (1)  The best way to describe The Celebration Dog Show is fun.  I have my doubts that any of the dogs in that show will end up at Westminster, but they can probably help you round up the cows, chase the heck out of a tennis ball, and be a loyal and devoted friend.  (2)  Great question!  There has been some discussion.  Throughout the years, the Blue Ribbon Yearbook does feature stories on some of the exceptional horses in our breed.  (3)  The breeds vary from year to year.  Almost every year we feature champions from Racking, Spotted Saddle Horse, American Saddlebred, and The Great Celebration Mule and Donkey Show.  Outside of that, we like to mix it up. Be looking for a wonderful champion Arabian this year…among others.

Question – I am new to the Celebration (4 years), but have noticed that when horses are asked to park in, your winner is in the first group asked to park.  Why make those not parked in continue performing.  Why is this?

Sharyn Littleton; Odenville, AL

Answer – During a workout, the horses parked in, initially must have appeared on 3-of-5 judges cards.  All other entries then take the rail so that remaining entries can be called to complete the class.  Once rail work has begun, a horse can be call to park in by just one judge.  In a larger class, this is done to “thin down” the group to a workable number.  In a smaller class, the judges have found that several of the top horses have similar abilities and feel they need to work together to get a clearer picture of how the placements should be awarded.

Question – There have been several e-mail lists and forums to ask questions about Country Pleasure. Was it changed to a TWHBEA registered only class? What is the shoe requirements? Can the horses wear bands? What are the tack requirements? Can you ride with one hand or two hands? Should the horses have as much, less, or more action than that of trail pleasure? Are action devices prohibited?

 Circle M Acres; Rienzi, MS

Answer – On page 47 of the NHSC rulebook, it states:  The Amateur Country Pleasure Horse must display a walk and a smooth, easy, comfortable intermediate gate with excessive speed in the intermediate gate to be penalized.

It goes on to say, The shoe for the Amateur Country Pleasure Class must be no wider than 1 inch and no thicker than 3/8 inch.  The Amateur Country Pleasure Class is a two-gaited class, tack is optional (may be English or western, but not a combination of both), and neat attire is accepted.

Horses entered in the Country Pleasure Class are not eligible in lite shod pleasure, plantation pleasure, or amateur trail pleasure classes at the same show.  Entries in Country Pleasure Classes are not required to furnish horse registration numbers, amateur or youth exhibitor card numbers, or trainer’s license numbers.  A registered Country Pleasure Horse is also eligible for Equitation, Showmanship, and Versatility Classes.

Question – Can you show Paint Walkers at The Celebration?

 Lauren Wertz; Jonesboro, GA

 Answer – Yes, as long as they are TWHBEA registered.

Question – Every year the aisle behind boxes F-29 and F-47 holds water when it rains is any thing ever going to be bone about this problem? If it rains we have to leave the box because of the standing water in the box and the aisle.

Eddie Johnson; Shelbyville, TN

Answer – This has been given to our Maintenance Department for observation and correction.  We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

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Ask the Celebration – February 10, 2005 Edition

Question – I was at The Celebration this past year and have been nearly every year for the last 32 years.  I know everybody likes to gripe about judging.  All in all, I thought they did a pretty good job this year and most other years.  After such a great show, can someone explain to me why Wayne Abee was put on probation? 

Doug; Laurens, SC

Answer – The feedback over judging has been very positive.  We were pleased with our 2004 panel and their performance.  Questions about Wayne Abee’s probation should be directed to NHSC Director of Judging, Judy Martin.  It is our understanding that a 9-horse championship class was not cantered to her satisfaction.  The remaining four judges have indicated that the class was worked properly for them, however. 

Question – How long does The Celebration last each year?

Tessa T.; Memphis

Answer – There are ten evening performances and five daytime performances at The Celebration.  You can always mark it on your calendar knowing that The Celebration always ends on the Saturday night before Labor Day.

Question – Where can I find information on the Academy Program for new riders?

Joshua Cooley; Pikeville, TN

Answer – The Academy program is administered through the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association in Lewisburg, TN.  Joni Jenne` heads up the program.  The TWHBEA website has all the information you could ever want on this subject.  Their address is www.twhbea.com

Question – Have you ever considered moving the juvenile classes to the Friday/Saturday performances?  I know a lot of competitors live out of state and have trouble getting out of school for one and a half to two weeks. It seems it would be beneficial to children and the Celebration to have the 11 & under and Pony World Grand Championship on Friday or Saturday. I think most audiences enjoy seeing the children compete, and the classes have gotten to be more competitive than some open and amateur classes.

Heidi; Shelbyville, TN

Answer – We are sensitive to the needs of our youth division in our planning process and try to accommodate a schedule of classes that will be appropriate.  We will continue to re-visit this issue on an annual basis.

Question – Can you give me a list of the ribbons that Final Keeper has won at The Celebration? 

 Tim Stevens; Shelbyville, TN

Answer – We’ve seen a dramatic increase in this type of question over the last couple of months.  Many similar questions from the same writers with a different horse’s name plugged in.  This forum was designed to discuss issues and share ideas about the world’s greatest horse show.  This type of information (Celebration past performances) is available from two sources, the Celebration Winners CD-ROM (1939-1997) and the Walking Horse Report website (1997-present).  The Celebration Winners CD has every result of every class for the first 58 years of the show and can be accessed by horse, trainer, rider, and owner.

Here is the link for the order form: http://www.twhnc.com/purchase-winnerscd.htm

Question – I would like to find the show records for the horse named The Gentleman Jack.

Jacob Steele; Mt. Airy, NC

Answer – Please see the answer above.

Question – Where can I purchase a copy of the NHSC rulebook?

Paul Gryce; Cincinnati, OH

Answer – They can be purchased at the NHSC office on Colloredo Blvd. in Shelbyville.  You can give them a call to find out when they will be available.  Their telephone number is (931) 684-9506.

Question – Have there ever been any winning contenders in The Celebration that have come from Minnesota?

Carol; Minneapolis, MN

Answer – Nothing jumps to mind as a top contender from Minnesota.  I’m sure we’ve had Minnesota-owned or trained entries get a ribbon at The Celebration.  Sounds like you might be another candidate to purchase one of those Celebration Winners CD-ROMs!

Question – Where do you get your ribbons?

J. French Brantley; Knoxville, TN

Answer – L&M Awards of Shelbyville has made ribbons for The Celebration for many years.

Question – Can an older (12+) TWH who is registered with the TWHBEA be shown in flat shod classes at The Celebration even if you haven’t shown there before?

Charlotte Thomas; Maiden, NC

Answer – Absolutely.  There are no qualifying classes or events for The Celebration.

QuestionHow do I go about getting the rulebook and explanation of classes for the 2005 Celebration and Spring Fun Show?

Sherry Birger; Cleveland, TN

Answer – The rulebook would come from the NHSC (telephone number earlier in this column) while class schedules and premium listings would come from our entry office. Contact Mary Lynn Reed (mlreed@twhnc.com) about getting on her mailing list.  We would be happy to add you to the list.

Question – Looking for the show records for "Go Boy's Rambler K”, owned Vicki Knausz, Harold, KY and shown by Mose Oppenheimer.  This horse placed twice at the Celebration the year he was shown, which was somewhere around 1968.

 Vickey; Regina, KY

 Answer – Again, I would refer you to the Celebration Winners CD-ROM.  Contact the Celebration Ticket Office to make the purchase.

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Ask the Celebration – December 10, 2004 Edition

Question – Is the Limited Performance a good thing for the walking horse industry?  I personally love the class, but I love the performance classes best.

Matt Penna; Byhalia, MS

Answer – The W.H.T.A. felt this division would be a good compromise between plantation and performance horses.  They felt that a large number of horses could compete in tis division where they may be “left out” in others.  These classes will be called park performance.  We have included two of these for the 2005 Fun Show to determine their acceptability.  If they are well received, we will consider them for the 2006 Celebration.

Question – Is there any rule to prohibit the return to the show ring of a World Grand Champion which had an "official" retirement ceremony at the Celebration, or is it just like any other horse that doesn't show for a year or two and then returns to the show ring?

Susan Underwood; Knoxville

Answer – The NHSC rulebook prohibits a horse from competing after an official retirement.  An exception was made for RPM.  I’m told that Cash for Keeps is also planning to return to the showring.

The Celebration has no control over other NHSC shows, but we do control the two that we present.  The Celebration Board of Directors passed Policy Bulletin #36 on August 15, 2002, which states that any horse officially retired at the 2002 Celebration or any subsequent Celebration will no longer be allowed to show at the Spring Fun Show or The Celebration.

QuestionWas "Colors Cost A Plenty", a popular PADDED sorrel tobiano breeding stallion of the mid 90's, ever shown at the Celebration?

Kolby Wyant; Milton, WV

Answer – A check of Celebration winners do not show this horse as winning a ribbon.  To our knowledge, he did not show.

Question – Is there controversy concerning spotted horses being shown at the Celebration?  I only know of a hand full that have competed in the past decade…Powder River, They Call Me Lester, etc.  I figure as long as the horse is registered with the TWHBEA, it is eligible to be shown at the Celebration. Am I correct?

Ms. Kolby D. Wyant; Milton, WV

Answer – To my knowledge there is no controversy.  One of the eligibility requirements to show at The Celebration includes proper registration with TWHBEA.

Question – What are the rules about World Grand Champions coming back and showing?  I understand that the 2000 WGC Cash For Keeps has just been sold, and will be returning to the ring as an amateur mount.  Pride's Sundance Star is another example.  Another one is the rumor about The Whole Nine Yards coming back and showing at the 2003 Celebration, which I know he didn't.  Then from way back, The Talk Of The Town won three years in a row.  Apparently WGCs can come back and show, but do they have to have been sold or in a different division?  This totally confuses me. 

Kolby Wyant; Milton, WV

Answer – A similar question was previously answered.  Pride’s Sundance Star was never retired at The Celebration.  Neither was The Whole Nine Yards.  These mounts can show in any class in which they are eligible.

Question – What's going on with Harlinsdale Farm?  Is it going to become a state park?  I hope nothing happens to the farm and its horses.

Kolby Wyant; Milton, WV

Answer – For the next two (2) years there will be no change.  The city of Franklin, TN is purchasing the farm.  Their planned usage is not yet finalized.  I understand they intend to have walking and bike trails.  Their initial plans include involvement of horses on the property.

Question – Have the following horses ever been shown at the Celebration:  Rebel's Number One Son, Georgia Firewalker, Deja' Blu, Pusher's Gambling Man, Mountain's Shadow Man, Paint Sparkles, and Masquerading's Blue Eyes?  If so, is there is a way I could get their show records?  Please let me know.

Kolby Wyant; Milton, WV

Answer –  Not to our knowledge.  Our show records reflect only those horses that received ribbons.

Question – In order to show flat shod or plantation shod at The Celebration, do you have to pre-qualify at other shows?

Ann; Lewisburg, WV

Answer –  The Celebration has no pre-qualifying rules.

Question – How can we reserve stalls for the Great Celebration Mule and Donkey Show?

Country Blessings Farm; Parrish, FL

Answer –  Please contact our entry office manager, Mary Lynn Reed (mlreed@twhnc.com) and get on our mailing list for information on the mule show.

QuestionMy question concerns the Limited Performance Classes.  Can these be moved to Friday and Saturday nights (amateur & open), since this is part of the performance horse division?

So glad you are including these classes!

 Susan Swaner; Spring Hill, TN

 Answer – The new park performance classes have been officially put in the performance division by the NHSC.  Our two Fun Show classes have been moved per their instruction.

Question – I have two questions based upon the same thing:  1. Why are there not any spotted classes at the Celebration? Some walking horses are spotted.  2. Why are Spotted TWHs not as welcome at TWH shows as solid horses? What I mean is…why do judges place solid horses over spotted horses, no matter how well the spotted horse is doing?

 Jamie; Rienzi, MS

Answer – There are not specific classes for spotted horses just as there are not specific classes for black horses, sorrel, bay, etc.  The spotted horses are very much welcome.

As to your second question, I do not have an answer for you since I don’t know the specifics.  Also, the appropriate judge would have to answer this.  In my opinion, there is no collusion to place solid horses over spotted ones.

Question – Can you give me some information on the Miss TWHNC Pageant?


Answer – The pageant normally occurs the first week of August.  We will post information on the 2005 pageant when we receive it.  Contact Tiffany Stephens for more information.  Her number is (931) 85-4106.

Question – Could you send me times, places, dates, and costs of future Tennessee Walking Horse shows?

Marilyn Weaver; Huntsville, AL

Answer – The best place to find a show schedule is www.walkinghorsereport.com and click on “shows.”

Question – Who can I contact about RV camp hook-ups at The Celebration Grounds or close by?

Heath Norwood; Section, AL

Answer – Ticket Office manager Carolyn Reed (creed@twhnc.com) is your best resource.  You can also reach her by phone at (931) 684-5915.

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Ask the Celebration – October 28, 2004 Edition

Question – Is there any video available of the Celebration from any of the recent years that is put together for sale?  (There were several very similar questions this time)

Lisa Steinbach
Charles Sullivan; Lexington, KY
Shannon; Lexington, KY

Answer – WdA International is the official video provider of The Celebration and has tapes of individual classes as well as highlight tapes of each Celebration back to 1987.  Prior to that, there was an annual highlight film produced.  We are in the midst of a lengthy process to make sure those films are preserved and transferred to a usable format.  Once that happens, you’ll be hearing about highlight tapes from the 60’s and 70’s becoming available.

To get in contact with WdA International, call them at 615-360-9900 or surf on over to www.wdavideo.com.

Question – This year I went to the Celebration and the Miss TWHNC pageant. I am interested in it. Could it be possible to e-mail me back just some information or someone I could contact about it? Thank you very much!


Answer – The Miss TWHNC Pageant is put on by the Shelbyville Jaycees and normally occurs around the first week of August.  The entry deadline is normally a couple of weeks prior.  You can contact Chip Walters, our Public and Media Relations Director, when it gets a little closer and he will be able to give you a contact for the pageant.  Chip’s email address is cwalters@twhnc.com.

QuestionThere was some talk at this year's Celebration that the judges knew production horses better than lite shod horses.  I do not know the truth of this but has the Celebration ever considered having two sets of three judges to judge the two different types of TWH’s?  If nothing else, it would give the judges a potty break between the different classes.

James Sims; Riverside, CA

Answer – This issue is carefully reviewed each year.  The judges tell us, somewhat surprisingly, that they much prefer to be working a class compared to watching another panel of judges.  It seems that most of our AAA judges are competent to judge both divisions.  We will continue to monitor this.

QuestionI was wondering if a horse named Mark's Grand Edition was ever shown at the Celebration, and if so what year and what class(s)? Also, do you have a record of a Bill Wright, Karen Hazelett, or Riverview Farm, Inc. of the Huntington, West Virginia area to ever enter any classes at the Celebration? Thank you.

Ms. Kolby D. Wyant; Milton, WV

Answer – Our records show that Mark’s Grand Edition received a 9th place ribbon in the Owner-Amateur Riders on Walking Horses, 50 and Over in 1992 with Mr. Wright aboard and Ms. Hazelett as the owner.

QuestionI would like to know if rubber bit guards and the western neoprene girth can be used showing in the Western Trail Pleasure classes at the Celebration. Thanks?

Dana McGrew; Eastview, KY

Answer – To make sure you get the answer straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak…I want to direct you to the National Horse Show Commission.  They are the rule-making body of our industry.  The Celebration and Fun Show simply go by the rules they employ.  For more information, contact Lonnie Messick, NHSC,  P.O. Box 167, Shelbyville, TN 37162, (931) 684-9506.

Question – Not a question a suggestion: The Celebration needs to be televised on RFD-TV.  They display all other breeds except the beautiful Tennessee Walker!!!

Madeline Heersink; Ontario, CA

Answer – RFD-TV is now based in Nashville, TN and would be a nice fit for The Celebration.  We are always exploring our options for television and the ability to distribute via new technologies.  Keep an eye toward our “News and Views” section of this website.  That’s the first place you’ll hear any news in this area.

Question – When/Will there ever be a Country Pleasure division in the Celebration?  I know one worry is that at NHSC shows, Country Pleasure horses are not required to be registered Tennessee Walking Horses.  For the sake of the show, could this rule not be amended?  I feel that this would be a good way to draw even more entries to the Celebration.

Matthew Lail; Swoope, VA

Answer – We will study this new class request and give it every consideration that we are currently giving Limited Performance, Adults on Ponies, Pro-Am classes, etc.

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Ask the Celebration – August 5, 2004 Edition

Question – What are the blue and white ribbons that are given out? A friend said that it was for the Classic Horses, ones 15 years old and older, that place in a class. Just wondering! Thanks.

Kathy Mixon; Lagrange, GA

Answer – The blue and white ribbons that are given out are presented by our Premier Sponsors. Classic horses receive a teal green ribbon.

Question – Are pets (dogs) allowed at the Celebration horse shows?

Becci Fulks; Sandy Hook, KY

Answer – Dogs are allowed on The Grounds as long as they are on a leash.  However, dogs are not allowed inside Calsonic Arena or the main Celebration Arena.  The only exception is during the Celebration Dog Show!

Question – Can campground sites be reserved ahead of time? Do they have hook-ups?

Willis Dunn; Parrish, FL

Answer – Campsites in any of the three RV parks on the Celebration Grounds can and should be reserved.  All three parks are normally sold out.  Reservations for next year’s Celebration will be accepted beginning on the first day of this year’s Celebration, August 25th.

Question – Regarding the morning events at the Celebration that begin at 9:00 a.m., around what time does the morning show conclude or does it go on throughout the afternoon? Looking forward to seeing this year’s Celebration.

Fran Strupek; Safety Harbor, FL

Answer – The morning classes will normally run about four hours, however, classes with individual work will sometimes make the morning session go a little longer.

Question – Is there any possibility that RFD TV will televise any of the Celebration or any of the Walking Horse shows this year?

Donna Holley; Moundville, AL

Answer – There have been some initial discussions with RFD-TV, but nothing has been set up for this year.  However, be watching for a Celebration preview show throughout the southeast on CSS, Charter Mainstreet Channel, and Comcast TV75 in middle Tennessee.

QuestionTell me what Lite Shod means, as in showing in a Lite Shod class. Does that mean a keg shoe or a 3/8’s shoe and under?

Answer – The shoe for the Lite Shod Plantation Horse, on both front and rear hooves, must be no wider than ¾ inch and no thicker than 3/8 inch with the exception of the caulk, which must be no thicker that ¾ inch. The turnback shall not exceed one inch, and the shoe must not extend more than ¼ inch beyond the hoof at the toe. The shoe is not to extend beyond the bulb of the horse’s heel when a perpendicular line is drawn from the bulb of the horse’s heel to the ground.

Question – What are the requirements to become a judge at the Celebration? Do they require a AA or AAA license to judge at the Celebration? I would also like to say that I don’t think any one judge should judge the Celebration more than twice in a 10-year period. We need to see more new faces.

Cindy; Eagleville, TN

Answer – The Board of Directors of six organizations are consulted for recommendations each year. These are evaluated very carefully by Celebration officials prior to making a decision. The judges’ files at the NHSC are reviewed in great detail. We usually appoint only AAA judges although we made an exception this year in one case. Many people agree with you about not using the same judges on a regular basis. Others, however, feel that the best judges should be used whenever needed.

Question – If a horse and trainer win the title “World Grand Champion,” what do they take home as winnings?

Jessica; Millington, TN

Answer – The World Grand Champion will take home $15,000 in prize money, numerous trophies and awards, a floral horseshoe, and a Championship blazer for the trainer.

Question – How can you become a ringmaster at the Celebration? My dad has been a ringmaster for over 35 years in Mississippi and Tennessee. Thank you.

D. Farley; Guntown, MS

Answer – Tell the Celebration officials of your interest. A file is kept with information of this type when a need arises.

Question – Do you have to pre-qualify at other shows to be eligible to show at the Celebration for a halter class?

Jeff; Birmingham, AL

Answer – No, you do not have to pre-qualify at any other show to be eligible to show at the Celebration.

Question – Will daily reports of this year’s Celebration be available online and can we sign up for updates?

Glenda Grant; Spokane, WA

Answer – Daily recaps will be available under the “News and Views” section of this website.  Results will also go up following each session.  There will be a couple of other new ways to keep up with the goings on at The Celebration this year.  Be watching www.twhnc.com for more information in the next week or so!

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Ask the Celebration – June 16, 2004 Edition

Question – I have noticed that corporate sponsors are people inside the walking horse business. Do you think that is a good idea?  I don’t think the sponsors are businesses that would want to sell their products to the horse people!  Also, I see that just about all of your corporate sponsors have won world championships! I don’t think this looks good for the good old boy industry!

James Johnson; Fairfax, VA

Answer – If any horse show removed the participants from sponsoring, the show would be out of business.  It is not uncommon in any hobby (boating, car shows, dog shows, etc.) for the exhibitors to help finance the events in which they participate.  Many of our sponsors are here to sell product and promote their goods and services, i.e., John Deere, Golden Flake, Ford, Union Planters.  The owners and exhibitors usually do it for one of two main reasons… they want the various perks associated with sponsorship levels, and they want to “give something back” to the event that means so much to them and their family.  Thanks for a very good set of questions.

Question – Is it too late to enter the 2004 Miss TWHNC contest?

Ashley; Manchester, TN

Answer – The pageant is put on by a local civic organization and is held in August prior to The Celebration.  Please contact Chip Walters (cwalters@twhnc.com) and he can give you some contact information.

QuestionAre there still tickets available for the Celebration (any night)?  Are there any motel accommodations left for the nights tickets are available?

Marilyn Lauffer

Answer – Tickets for all evening performances remain available.  You can contact our ticket office to purchase your seats (931-684-5915).  Hotel accommodations may be a little tougher to come by.  I understand you have already been emailed a listing of area hotels.  The earlier you can plan your trip, the better.

QuestionHow long does the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration last?

Tiarra Taylor; Tamarac, FL

Answer – The Celebration traditionally comes to a close on the Saturday night before Labor Day each year.  This year that will fall on September 4th.  The show will begin on Wednesday, August 25th.

QuestionWill the new “Limited Performance” or  “Performance Pleasure” class be offered at the 2004 Celebration?

Jamie McCoy; Huntsville, AL and Barry Baggerly; Burlington, NC

Answer – No.  We continue to monitor new show requests (i.e., Adults on Walking Ponies) but we can’t add every new class that people desire.  We will watch the Performance Pleasure classes at other shows very closely this show season.

QuestionPlease let me know how much parking spaces are this year.  That includes the ones in front of the main office.  Thanks!

Billy Hale; Franklin, TN

Answer – Parking decals in the reserved lots are $65.85, including tax.  Lot D is already sold out.  There are a limited number of spaces left in Lot DD.  Please contact our ticket office quickly to get yours.

Question – Where is Gen’s Major General located?

Lauren; Mt. Holly, NC

Answer – Gen’s Major General is currently standing at stud at the beautiful Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin, TN.  Thanks for bringing up the name of a wonderful show horse!

Question – Do you have or know of any box seats available for purchase?  What is the cost of passes to the Blue Ribbon Circle Club this year?

Rhonda Cato; Pinson, AL

Answer – The box seat renewal deadline has just passed.  We will know if there are any boxes available for one-year assignment very soon.  If you would like to get on that list, please contact our ticket office.  As far as the Blue Ribbon Circle is concerned, passes (for two people) are $520.  If you would like to purchase those, please contact Connie Nixon in the main office.

QuestionIf at all possible, could you please tell me how to become a judge?

Lisa Cox; Laurens, SC

Answer – Judges are administered through the National Horse Show Commission.  You would need to contact them, make application and go through their apprentice program.  Their number is 931-684-9506.

QuestionWill The Celebration ever make the Campground #1 camping spots any wider than they are? It looks like the Celebration could make the spot wider and put some gravel parking spots.  We have been at this camping spot for 20 years.  They need some work done to them.  Thank you!

Doug Farley; Guntown, MS

Answer – If we “widen” RV spots, that would necessitate someone giving up their location.  We would regret having to do this.  I understand that RV’s are getting bigger each year and we have increasing problems accommodating them.  We will review your spot personally and respond privately to you about gravel.

QuestionWhat facilities will be available for handicapped visitors at the 2004 Celebration?

Tom Hickerson

Answer – We have 195 designated handicapped parking spaces at our facility.  We have a wheelchair area that accommodates 48 wheel chairs and companion chairs for someone to join their friend or loved one.  We will honor any specific need for our attendees, such as “drop off” privileges, if we are notified of their needs and wishes.  We do our very best to monitor the needs of our fans as their health changes, and we always appreciate reasonable, constructive suggestions.

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Ask the Celebration – May 11, 2004 Edition

Question – Would be interested in the horse auctions during the Celebration. Is there a list of the horse sales?

Tony Burnette, Mexico, IN

Answer – The local sales companies, including Wiser Farm Sales, the Official Horse Sale of The Celebration, are making their plans now.  There will be a complete listing of the sales in the Celebration Visitor’s Guide.  It will be available in mid-August at the Celebration office building.

Question – Can anything be done about the concession booths under the general admission stands? I continue to sit in this area and always come home smelling like I worked in a fast food restaurant. The heat from these booths are also a problem. Can anything be done?

Samantha Evans, Tullahoma, TN

Answer – Two civic clubs under the South grandstand will construct new ventilation systems prior to TheCelebration.  The Community Lions, under the north grandstand, reworked their system two years ago.  We will continue to monitor this issue.

Question – Are there plans to install diaper changing stations in the newer restrooms on the Celebration grounds?

Dee Woodlee, Belfast, TN

Answer All of our restrooms have changing stations.  They were installed when the new restrooms were built.

Question – I am interested in being an exhibitor in this years Celebration but am very, very new to showing. I have a yearling stallion but don't know the difference in the Owner-Amateur Yearling (class 63) and Yearling Colts (class 64). How do I get my Amateur card? And do I have to just be an Amateur to show in the class or do I have to be the Owner and an amateur? What is considered an owner?  My name doesn't appear on the papers but the horse is own by my in-laws.  Do I qualify as an owner? I am a member of the TWHBEA and my horse is registered.  Is there anything else that I need to have? How much are the stalls on site and how do we reserve one?

Charlotte E. Gower, Buckhannon, WV

Answer – The Owner-Amateur Yearling class is for those exhibitors that are amateurs, meaning they do not train horses professionally for money, and they also own the horse or are part of the owner’s immediate family.  Immediate family includes a husband, wife, parent, step-parent, child, step-child, sibling, half-sibling, step-sibling, in-laws of the same relations, grandparents, and grandchildren.  The Yearling class is for amateur or professional handlers.  You can get your amateur card through the Walking Horse Owners’ Association at 615-494-8822.

Stalls at The Celebration are $250, $205, and $170 depending on your location.  You can make your stall request when you make your entries.  If you send us your mailing address, we will be glad to send you an entry packet.

Question – Why is the concession stand in the Calsonic not nearly as good as the stands on the grounds and inside the arena? During the Trainers’ Show the food was awful. I heard many people complain about it. The rest of the concession stands always have good food.

Bob Garber, Huntsville, AL

Answer – No two cooks, nor do any two restaurants turn out the same food.  We regret that your Calsonic Arena experience was not good.  We try new items occasionally and do our best to provide good food.  This year at The Spring Fun Show we are introducing smoked chicken wings that are delicious!  Please try them and thanks for your concerns.

Question – Who owns The Celebration and The Grounds?  Is it owned by the city?  If it is owned  by investors, who are they?

Buddy Stasney, Lincolnton, NC

Answer – The Celebration is a C.501.C.5 non-profit agricultural organization.  We are governed by a 40-member Association from whom seven (7) directors are elected annually to oversee the daily business of the company.  The city has no ownership in The Celebration.  The CEO of The Celebration reports directly to the Board of Directors.

Question – Do Tennessee Walking Horses have to be registered to show at The Celebration or can they just be pure bred?

Kim Kuykendall, Corinth, MS

Answer – Horses showing at The Celebration must be registered through the TWHBEA.  Some local shows provide pleasure classes for unregistered horses.

Question – When do you think The Celebration will add an adult pony class?

Page Brown, Burlington, NC

Answer – No specific plans are in place for this class.  It is another of many popular classes in various shows.  We cannot add a class every time someone desires it (due to time constraints).  There just aren’t enough hours in our evening performances to allow for every imaginable class.  We try to  monitor interest in various new possibilities and add them when warranted.

Question – I read a question about increasing paybacks for the trail pleasure division and the answer said that if there was enough support for it that it may happen.  How do I go about getting the paybacks (and entry fees) for the trail pleasure division raised?

Elissa, Halifax, PA

Answer – This year we moved two more Trail Pleasure classes to the evening performances and moved the championships to the final three nights.  Therefore, entry fees and prize money have been increased.  The entry fee for each class is $106 and $206 for the championships.  Total prize money for the preliminary classes is $2,000 and total prize money for the championships is $5,000.

Question – I have been told that  you hold a sale for gaited horses during The Celebration.  Is this true and will there be a catalog?

Darlene Rankin, Reno, NV

Answer – The Celebration does not hold any horse sales of any kind.  There are several private sales companies that hold sales during The Celebration.  Their sales are for Tennessee Walking Horses.  I have not heard of any local sales (during The Celebration) dedicated to American Saddlebreds.

Question – I grew up in Shelbyville.  It was always exciting to see the Celebration Queen’s portrait on display at Dickinson Studio on the square.  Could you tell me whatever happened to all these portraits?  Wouldn’t it be nice to see them on this web site?

Mary Paulson, Lisbon, WI

Answer – We will try to locate this gallery of portraits.  And yes, it would be great to see them again!

Question – How hard is it to get a camper space on The Grounds?

Chris Duschel, Lincolnton, NC

Answer – The Celebration has three different campgrounds featuring over 300 camper spaces.  Currently, all three campgrounds are sold out for The Celebration.  You can get on the “waiting list” by calling the Celebration Ticket Office at 931-684-5915.  Camper spaces for The Spring Fun Show and The Great Celebration Mule and Donkey Show are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Question – On which night of The Celebration will the Racking Horse World Grand Champion be on exhibition?

Barbara Looney, Kingsport, TN

Answer – Our Racking Horse exhibition is traditionally held on the last Thursday night of the show.  This year, that falls on September 2.

Question – You had a video of The Celebration a year or two ago.  Are you going to have a video of the 2002 and 2003 Celebration and the crowning of the World Grand Champion?  My last Celebration was 1954 when White Star was crowned champion.  Getting to see the video tapes is great!

Ron Oakes, Acworth, GA

Answer – Ron, you need to visit us more often!  To answer your question, WDA Video, the official video provider for The Celebration, has highlight tapes of each Celebration going back to 1987.  They can be ordered from their website at www.wdavideo.com .  The new tape is traditionally on the market by December 1 each year.

Question – How do I see the trainers with DQP violations for 2003?

Janet Garland, London, KY

Answer – The National Horse Show Commission (NHSC) is the regulatory for most shows.  They manage the DQP program and could provide you with the information you are looking for.

Question – Why doesn't the Celebration offer any 2 gaited lite shod western classes?  There are some phenomenal lite shod western horses out there that either are not showing (possibly because they do not canter) or are showing in the trail pleasure division because there isn't anything else they can show in.  Any possibilities of adding classes?

Becca Pennington, Bluffdale, UT

Answer – We had a similar question earlier regarding an adult pony class.  The same answer applies in this situation.  It is hard to add a class every time someone makes a request.  As a world championship show of the TWH breed, we want to make sure there is sufficient interest in a specific class before it’s added to the schedule.  Like before, we try to monitor all the trends in the industry to see where the interest lies.

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Ask the Celebration – April 8, 2004 Edition

Question – Will the Celebration Dog Show be held in 2004?

Donna Dowell, Nashville, TN

Answer – The Celebration Dog Show is held in Calsonic Arena on Sunday afternoon during the show.  It is put on by the Walking Horse Trainers’ Auxiliary.  All indications are that it will be held again this year.  Also remember that dogs are welcomed on The Grounds “under leash” but no dogs are allowed in any of the arenas, except during the dog show.

Question – Is there a “lodging list” available for us in Washing State that lists hotels and other lodging a reasonable distance from The Celebration Grounds?

Robert Rosen, Spokane, WA and  Susan Grigsby, Hazard, KY

Answer – We have a newly-updated list of hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, and campgrounds in the area.  Contact Chip Walters, Director of Public and Media Relations, to receive a copy of the list.  He can be reached at 931-684-5915, ext. 114 or at by email at cwalters@twhnc.com.

Question – Is there a web link where I can find information on all past champions?

Betty Schroeder, Elgin, AZ

Answer – There is a link on the twhnc.com website that leads you to a listing of all former World Grand Champions.  Just click on the link for the 2003 World Grand Champion and then on the Gallery of World Grand Champions.

Question – What is the price of permits to enter The Celebration Grounds during the show and during the daytime for pleasure use?  Also, are four-wheelers allowed during these times?

Vicki Bacon, Marshall, MO

Answer – Exhibitor passes are available for vehicles in the barn area.  They are reserved for trainers and owners who show horses during our event.  People may tour the barn area on foot at any time if they are a ticket holder.  Four-wheelers are allowed on The Grounds by purchasing a permit (with certificate of insurance) for the particular vehicle.  These vehicles may not be used from 5:00 p.m. until one hour after the evening performance.

Question – Did Carnathan Stables show any horses at the 2003 Celebration, and if so, how many entries?

Stacy Keith, Phoenix, AZ

Answer – If you are speaking of Jimmy Carnathan of Mississippi, the answer is no.  Our records do not indicate any entries made by anyone with that last name.

Question – Did Go Boy’s Shadow show at the 1957 Celebration?

Dick Bivens, Camden, TN

Answer – Go Boy’s Shadow won the World Grand Championship in 1955 without any action device and came back in 1956 to become the very first WGC to wear “boots.”  He did not show at the 1957 Celebration.

Question – Who do I talk to about sponsoring a night class at The Celebration?  How much does it cost and do you get to be in the presentation photograph?

Sarah Day, Seabrook, TX

Answer – Class, trophy, ribbon, and other “in-show” sponsorships are handled by Jane Moore of our staff.  She also handles all advertising in The Blue Ribbon Yearbook.  Jane can give you all the prices and perks of these sponsorships.  She can be reached at our offices at 931-684-5915, ext. 136.  I have forwarded your information to her and you should be receiving an email very soon!

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Question – When is the next Miss TWHNC Pageant and how do I get information on entering?

Buffy Davis, Normandy, TN

Answer – The Miss TWHNC Pageant is held in late July.  Look for information in the Shelbyville Times-Gazette and on this website.  I will pass your contact information along to organizers. The Miss TWHNC Pageant is administered by the Shelbyville Jaycees. For more information on the pageant, contact Kathy or Todd Jernigan at (931) 684-6392.  Thanks for your interest at Good Luck!

Question – Do you have all the World Grand Champions listed on your website?

Emily, Athens, TN

Answer – A story about the current WGC, The Whole Nine Yards and a listing of all previous World Grand Champions is available by clicking on the link to the 2003 Grand Champion on the front page of this site.

Question – When do tickets go on sale for the 2004 Celebration?  And how can I get box seat information?

tncowgirl410@aol.com and

David Vaughan, Galax, VA

Answer – Renewals for current ticket holders will be sent out very soon.  Getting on the list for one-year box seat assignments will occur on the first day of the Fun Show (May 27) at the Celebration offices.  You can order reserved seat tickets right now!  Call our ticket office at 931-684-5915, ext. 104.  We’ll see you at the show!

Question – I’ve been coming to The Celebration for 16 years.  I love it and look forward to going every yer.  It just seems that The Celebration has outgrown itself as far as seating is concerned.  Will The Celebration grandstands ever be made larger?

Carrie, Morristown, TN

Answer – Probably not.  If fans are “too far” away from the ring, it would be impossible to properly see the action of the horses.  Unlike football or baseball, our spectators need to have a rather close look at the competitors.  However, we continue to monitor our seating needs very closely.

Question – Who will The Celebration judges be for the year 2004?

Amy Coley, Falkville, AL

Answer – This decision will be made on or around July 1, 2004.  We write the Boards of Directors of five different organizations in our industry soliciting their input to this important panel.  After reviewing all of these suggestions, the decision will be made.

Question – You have a wonderful facility.  Are there any plans to air condition Calsonic Arena?

Debbie Brewer, Harrisonville, MO

Answer – There are no current plans to air condition Calsonic Arena.  It would obviously be a major financial undertaking to install air conditioning, but an even larger one to operate it.  We are proud to have many other breeds come into our facility we try to provide the venue and our services at prices that are attractive to them.  Adding the costs of air conditioning to those fees is just not feasible at this point in time.

Question – Where can I find out about getting a camper space for The Celebration?

Mary Bare, Forest, VA

Answer – Our ticket office has all the information on reserving any available camper spots.  Please contact Carolyn Reed at 931-684-5915, ext. 104 or email her at creed@twhnc.com for more information.

Question – Last year you had a video screen located in the northwest corner of the arena.  This was really nice for people sitting on the east side.  Will you have two screens again this year?

James Garland, Shelbyville, TN

Answer – Yes!  Our present plans call for the same two screens as in 2003.  Thank you for the compliment.  We are always looking for things that make your show experience better.

Question – I would like to bring some friends to The Celebration.  One of them is handicapped and would need to be dropped off at an entrance close to the show so she would not have to walk too far.  Is this possible?  By the way, I was at the Celebration Grounds for the Regional Rodeo Finals.  “Awesome” place you have there.

Sue Ballard, Grimsley, TN

Answer – Yes, it is possible.  We make every effort to accommodate those with special needs.  Write Chip Walters (cwalters@twhnc.com) with your request and we will reply promptly.

Question – Does The Celebration have padded racking classes?

Wendell Phipps, Aynor, SC

Answer – The Celebration discontinued the few racking classes it had many years ago.  The Racking Horse Celebration is held each year in Alabama, not long after The Celebration is over.  Information can be found on their website at www.rackinghorse.com.

Question – How can I enter my TWH into The Celebration?  Do I need a certain number of points?  If so, how many?

Keisha, Annville, KY

Answer – We do not require points for participation at The Celebration.  Send your request for information to Mary Lynn Reed, Entry Office Manager (mlreed@twhnc.com) for specifics about entering.

Question – Do you think it is fair to disqualify someone that has worked hard and saved all year to show at the TWHNC just because of a cast shoe or broken tack?  Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control and I don’t think we should be punished for it.   Please do not consider this option.  Thank you for putting on a “World Class” horse show!

Mandy Black, Bell Buckle, TN

Answer – We have worked very closely with the Walking Horse Trainers’ Association and recently announced new guidelines for timeouts, broken equipment, etc.  Please look in the “News and Views” section of this website for a news release on that subject.  We do appreciate the input of all exhibitors, owners, and customer regarding any issue that can improve The Celebration.

Question – What is the process of selecting a new flag horse?  Are they always white?  If I am correct, in the early days they used to be any color.  By the way, you did an excellent job in selecting Counterfeit Dollar.  He is a magnificent animal in every aspect.

Kolby D. Wyant, Milton, WV

Answer – A white horse is used merely because this color looks so beautiful with our American flag.  You are correct in that other colors have been used.  Thanks for the compliment regarding Counterfeit Dollar.  We also think he does a great job presenting our national colors.

Question – I need all the information on getting joined, where to get the rule book, and a 2004 show schedule.  As you can tell, I’m just getting started.

Janet Garland, London, KY

Answer – Welcome to the wonderful world of Tennessee Walking Horses.  We look forward to you making your first Celebration appearance.  For licenses and rules, contact the National Horse Show Commission at 931-684-9506.  For a show schedule, one of the best sources to keep up with everything happening in the industry is The Walking Horse Report (www.walkinghorsereport.com).  For Celebration rules and a premium booklet, contact Entry Office Manager Mary Lynn Reed (mlreed@twhnc.com) at 931-684-5915, ext. 106.

Question – Is there any information on the 1977-79 Celebration show results?

Earlita Bowles, London, KY

Answer – There are a couple of places to find this information.  We have Blue Ribbon Yearbooks from past years for sale as well as a CR ROM with all winners from 1939-1997.  The Walking Horse Report and Voice Magazine will also have complete show results in their past issues.  To order old Blue Ribbon Yearbooks and CD ROMs, contact Carolyn Reed in our ticket office (creed@twhnc.com) at 931-684-5915, ext. 104.  Also remember, if you want results from the 1977 Celebration, order the 1978 Blue Ribbon Yearbook.